#BrusselsAttack- how is fear influencing your audience?

The Europe as we know it slowly dies. Again the terrorists took their toll, causing fear, tears and anger. We are humans, we are emotional and regardless of  technical progress, we always show  what we feel. After the attacks in Paris, Facebook reminded me of French revolution. There was a French flag everywhere, so is today….

5 necessary ingredients of every digital project to appeal to your customer emotions

The art of emotional branding in a digital word just got easier with some of the findings from neuroscientists. As they say- emotion is at heart of our decisions. When we feel, we tend to react by thinking about that and react by taking action.

5 suprising facts about billionaires routine

This piece of simple magic gave a clue what billionaires, celebs and successful business owners do to…be even more successful. And indeed there are useful tips to implement in our daily routine. So what the billionaires, Olympians and successful entrepreneurs have in common?