5 necessary ingredients of every digital project to appeal to your customer emotions

When it comes to marketing, the power of science helps with simple but clever solutions: how to attract the customer with the power of senses. It is not very complicated to invent effective campaign for brick& mortar POS but when we are thinking about digital world, the task seems to be a lot tougher.

The art of emotional branding in a digital word just got easier with some of the findings from neuroscientists. As they say- emotion is at heart of our decisions. When we feel, we tend to react by thinking about that and react by taking action.

‘As a result, today’s brands must go beyond face value and tap into consumers’ deepest subconscious emotions to win the marketplace’– says Rick Svoboda.

Our brains are incredibly powerful but without neuroscience we are not able to identify what really happens with them when we react to certain emotional content. The digital world is overcrowded.  It is very difficult to find the right tone of voice to distinguish your brand from the others. In fact only very little percentage of entrepreneurs make their business successful.

Let’s talk ‘practise’ a little. Here is a great example of emotional campaign based on principle of engagement participant’s body and mind:



What is special about this campaign?

It shows real people, their wishes and wants and fulfils them, the outcome which every marketer is aiming for. But at the same time it is one of the great examples of emotional branding. The WestJet Airlines not only appealed to their customer’s emotions but they had become epic for one of the best, most creative campaign which is known to almost every marketer all around the world and the movie was seen  45 million times. .

But let’s come back to the digital world. What is the most important for you when you are trying to be a fairy for your customers and make their dreams come true?

  • Graphic elements– using certain graphic elements will represent emotions which we want to appeal to. Curves for example are associated with softness and comfort, while cusp shape remind customer to be cautious and vigilant. When you are at restaurant business, using clear, great quality and creative food pictures is the best strategy. As a business coach at the other hand it is worth to build sense of credibility, trust and comfort.


  • Think colour– there is whole psychology behind choosing the right colour for the right purpose. (here you can very useful quiz identifying which colour would represent your brand: http://grasshopper.com/resources/tools/branding-color-quiz/). Do you remember WestJet campaign? Purple colour used by the brand is associated with hope, trust and comfort. Using the right colour will influence your customer’s unconscious mind and can either boost your values or lose credibility.


  • Engaging content– prepare interesting, original content with emotions which you want to cause in mind. Become your audience friend, talk to them, listen, and engage them in product development process. Reach their hearts, not only their minds.


  • Good tech– if you have a website, social accounts and your products can be purchased on line, make the process as easy as is possible. The ‘buy’ button should be visible, accessible from the front page. It will be great if you are able to add good quality media as well. Videos and gifs are ‘must have’ of this season. Don’t forget about signing up to mailing list option. Get to know your customers.


  • Exceed their expectations and don’t allow them to forget you- surprise your customers by providing an extra value. Even when you are offering free services, throw something extra to the package, for example e-book or worksheet. If you sell a bag, why not attach tiny branded purse or at least a voucher with 20% discount for a future purchase. Write to them from time to time, celebrate their birthdays and other special occasions if you know about them.


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Enjoy your day!





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