5x YES to social marketing and how to do it right


If you are business owner or entrepreneur, this content might be very important for you. The whole marketing world is raving about social marketing. So what is the most important focus when it comes to social strategy? I found a very interesting article by Susan Gunelius on entrepreneur.com. In the article “10 Laws of Social Media Marketing” Susan specifies how to shift your attention when running social marketing campaign.

She speaks loud about importance of listening rather than talking, focusing of quality of your content which should be very specific, being patient and consistent, posting your content on multiple channels, and of course- interacting with relevant industry influencers, including discusion about their publications.

As emotional marketing is something close to my heart, I would like to focus on emotional site of social marketing and draw the line between traditional marketing based on funnel, and the role of establishing authentic relationships with your audience.

It is vital to distinguish between sales and social orientation. Social approach builds your tribe, while sales orientation focuses only on generating transactions. According to the recent studies building connection with your audience results in long lasting relationship and repetitive purchase. It is entirely up to you what your goal is. But if you are looking for clients who would like your brand, who would advocate its benefits to others, who would keep coming back and would want to participate in co-creation of your products, social marketing was the way to go.


How to build emotional connection with your tribe?

  1. Tell them who you are and why have you decided to produce your product/offer your services.

First of all- don’t sell! Stay authentic with your story with all the good and bad bits, tell them about your experience to find people who can share and relate. Help them to get what they want. Grab them and engage them to build lasting relationship.

  1. Meet& great your tribe

When it comes to social marketing, the most important bit is building your own community. Regardless if it is a Facebook page, or LinkedIn profile, or community event, you should be there with them. It is vital to acknowledge their names, special occasions, become part of their life, listen and hear them. Your clients are the best source for your future development and priceless when it comes to motivating others to try your product. They know who needs you and why. The more you understand about your target, the more effective your strategy could be.

  1. Offer them valuable, unique and relevant content

Most of your prospects can find anything they are looking for all over the world. If you want to reach them quicker, offer them something free of charge. Freemium offer should be packed with love and attention and show them something what they have never seen before. It comes in all shapes and sizes; from sampling products to free e-books or webinars. Show them how good you are and gain their interest!

  1. Look for industry experts and connect with them, offer them guest posts, introduce them to your tribe

Have you got any VIP’s to look up to, industry gurus who are inspiring you? Why not to introduce them to your crowd? Cooperating rather than competing in the latest trend in marketing. Everyone is different but these days we are experiencing very saturated market. It is very difficult to put your message across. Finding your niche and cooperate with people who already succeeded at your field might lead to your personal success and boost your credibility.

  1. Always be there

Once you have posted your content, always be there available to answer your audience’s questions, interact with them, and participate in their conversations. Don’t just post and vanish!

If you like the content, please share. If you want to connect, discuss or add something to the article, find me on Facebook- Emotional Branding UK.




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