Why the Queen is going green?

Today we are celebrating 90th queen’s birthday (yes, again!) in the UK. There is a huge parade in London with thousands of people gathering to admire their queen. Queen Elizabeth is the first monarch in The UK’s history who holds her power for such a long time. She has big personality which she expresses by wearing bold outfits as well. We couldn’t expect anything else today.

For quite some time people were putting their bets what colour Queen Elizabeth was going to wear today. We have noticed that most of the time she prefers yellow or green when the occasion seem to be special. So there was no surprise when Her Majesty the Queen approached the parade in her carriage. She is wearing bright green, lime costume. Certainly nobody was expecting such a bold statement. She is definitely looking different and noticeable, while the rest of royals blend in in their white, cream, blue, and pastel shade outfits.

So if we think about the colours from branding perspective, what the green colour does really mean? It looks like Her Majesty the Queen is trying to tell us something.

In a few words, green colour symbolises freshness, new beginning, prosperity and renewal. Physically it calms the muscles, soothes soul and mind. In Indian culture green represents chakra of chest and it is related to heart, lungs and circulatory system. In general, it is a colour widely used to relax and refresh the body and mind.

Queen’s weakness for this particular colour means that deep inside she is very caring, lovable and nurturing person who aims to protect the world around her. But also green is a colour associated with very materialistic personalities who need to own a lot (colour of dollars for example). People who favour green usually don’t like wasting time; don’t like routine, illogical arguments and incompetence.  The bright shade of green might also means “warning”. For Scottish people it is a colour associated with honour, it also represents Irish Catholics. It was favourite colour of George Washington; Prophet Mohammed also had worn green cloak and turban.

Colour has a powerful subconscious effect on our mental state. Application of green in branding process has a huge effect on perceiving products or a person as reliable, kind, loyal, generous, vital, close to nature.

So what is Her Majesty the Queen is trying to communicate by her bold outfit statement?

Certainly she is caring, nurturing and she loves nature. However bright shade of green might also suggest that she is tired of illogical discussions around her, perhaps Brexit related? She is preparing us for renewal, for new era, maybe she is even trying to say that her reign of monarch is ending soon.  Her costume might remind us about her prosperity and suggests new beginning. Perhaps outside European Union or in tight relationship with EU countries united against terrorism and stronger than ever before? Maybe her bright green statement is a warning for people trying to destabilise the United Kingdom. The choice Her Majesty the Queen had made for today is not a coincidence and has very strong meaning rather than being simple green piece of fashion. Such a bright shade would be rather chosen by fashion designers 2 years ago when the collections were dominated by bold, 80’ inspired colours.

When you are choosing your colours pallet remember that each colour has its meaning and it should enhance the benefits of your products, being consistent with the brand image you want put across to your audience. More about the meaning of colours in business, you can find here: http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/color-meanings-in-business.html


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