Top 10 PROMO PRODUCTS to tackle customers loyalty

Do you really want to be forgotten? If not, here is a tip from industry experts. Invest in promo gadgets in your marketing campaign. Did you know that you can increase product awareness by 96% by using this simple BTL tool*?

That’s a simple solution and based on principal of emotional branding, currently used by over 70% marketers all over the world. According to the British Promotional Association over 6 times more customers pay attention to the brands using physical products in their marketing campaigns than to traditional marketing communication. To compare- only 8% respondents remember the brands advertised by traditional ways like printed marketing literature or online exposure. Even ATL seem to fail at this field with 11% success rate with TV main stream ads.

Over 50% of customers agreed that promotional gadgets influence their choices, while TV adverts, for example are effective for 19.4% target audience.

But certainly the most important advantage of promo gadgets is invoking customer’s loyalty. According to the survey performed British Promotional Merchandise Association promotional products raise loyalty rate up to 60%, in comparison to 17% by TV adverts and 7.9% online campaigns.

That is probably the reason why approx. 10% marketers spend over £50,000 a year for promo gadgets.

Here is the top list of free promo products which are the most popular in the UK:

  1. Promo pen
  2. Bags
  3. Electronics
  4. Mugs
  5. T-shirts
  6. Notepads
  7. Sweets
  8. Stress balls
  9. Mouse mats
  10. Stationery

The promotional gadgets are usually distributed during exhibitions, seminars, conferences (59%), by direct mail (19%), as an incentive programme (15%) or recognition programme (9%). The most important factors influencing marketers choices are: quality (81%), memorability (71%), relevance (69%), usefulness (65%) and long desk life (31%). Surprisingly it is not a price, which seems to be at the bottom of the list. Average unit price is £1.00-2.50 for over 38% of marketers, 29% declares that promotional items cost usually between £2.51- £5.00, while 20% purchase are below £1.00 per unit.

81% respondents said that Internet is their first touch point while sourcing for a supplier, but over 45% comes back to the same supplier all the time, 40% values WOM, and 39% meets suppliers through exhibitions and events. Their choices are usually influenced by right understanding of requirements and great customer service, almost 80% pay attention to website design and supplier’s marketing materials.

Top list of creative promo gadgets valued by the British public in 2013- 2016:

  1. Minion USB stick
  2. Desktop fan
  3. Printed chocolate
  4. Printed personalised marshmallows
  5. USB stick bracelet
  6. Phone stand
  7. Phone charger
  8. Inflatable dinosaur
  9. Travel adapter
  10. Thermos mug


* sample of 1000 participants, survey by bpma



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